Concrete Coatings

Interior or Exterior Concrete Coatings, Resurfacing Option

The following Concrete Acrylic Coatings Systems descriptions, are provided below to give the customer some idea of which System would be most appropriate for their particular need. Please keep in mind that all Concrete Coating Systems are made of the highest quality materials available on the market. These products are formulated to be the ideal Decorative Concrete Coating application for pool decks, basements, garages, driveways, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, offices, shops, and in fact, any concrete surface….. Industrial/Commercial/Residential

At KC Artistic Concrete, we provide two different Concrete Protector systems from which to choose. Installation of both systems begins with the same surface preparation using industry recognized techniques such as concrete acid etching, pressure washing, grinding or shot blasting if required, to ensure good adhesion. It is important to get the old concrete clean and properly etched to create the perfect bond with our products. Once properly bonded, these acrylic and epoxy resins harden and become actually harder than the original concrete surface upon which they were applied. Many years of maintenance free and beautiful concrete will be there for your service.

System I
The premier pool deck coating. This system begins with a 100% cover of our grout coat in the color you pick,then we add dime to quarter sized beads of our acrylic textured cement sprayed across the surface then knocked down to achieve a stucco like texture. The second application can be the same color, or your choice of color to achieve an artistic look on the knockdown. After drying, a coat of Concrete Protector 25% Acrylic Sealer (clear) is applied. Dont stop there, add a border!

System II
For a professional three dimensional look, such as a Rustic Hardwood Plank or Tiled look. We base-coat project with a colored cement of your choice. A pattern or a design is then placed down on top of the base coat, and a topcoat is applied in color of your choice. The pattern, when pulled off, will achieve the raised surface effect giving the project a “three demensional” look. Highlights in stain or colored cements can then be added. After drying, a coat of Concrete Protector 25% Acrylic Sealer (clear) is applied.

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